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What is TRYCD?

A fishing kit like no other, Trycd is a compact go anywhere, fish anything travel fishing system

Best In the Industry - Unique NZ Travel Friendly Design.

The perfect Fishing setup for any situation

Do you love fishing, but hate lugging around a heavy fishing kit?

If so, TRYCD Allrod travel fishing kits are the perfect solution

Trycd is a compact, go-anywhere fishing system that allows you to fish anywhere, without all the bulk. The Trycd system includes up to 4 rod sets, butt section, which all fits in a handy, travel-sized case. What's more, the Trycd fishing system is incredibly easy to use. Simply attach the rod to the butt, cast out into the water, and start fishing!

Whether you're an experienced angler or a beginner, Trycd makes fishing easy and enjoyable. So why wait? Give TRYCD a try today!

As seen on seven sharp

Described as "the swiss army knife of fishing rods" and "the next big thing" in fishing.

Love this kit! Real Power in the butt section. Jig/Top water is amazing!

Paul - Allsalt Ultimate kit

Brought this kit for my man! Love it! He takes it everywhere with him!

Kelly - Alland kit

Love this setup! Cannot stress enough how good these are!

Jacob - Allfly Ultimate + kit