TRYCD is all about enabling you to access your adventure. We work tirelessly to design, test and produce products that are not only the best at what they do but are practical and innovative so that you can take them everywhere you go. Our product range includes a variety of fishing rods and kits, travel rod cases and fishing accessories custom built for travel and adventure. We don’t know of any adventure that doesn’t require a journey so why does it have to be a battle? Instead, enjoy the journey, enjoy the location, enjoy who you do it with and most of all, enjoy the adventure. What does TRYCD stand for - To Reach Your Crazy Dreams.

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Back in 1981 Composite Developments was founded by Marty Johanson, an outdoorsy bloke from the Manawatu, New Zealand.
He and wife Sue had traveled the world prior and stumbled across a true legend that showed Marty the secrets of carbon fibre (he had just helped develop a little aircraft out of it, the SR-71 black bird).
They returned to New Zealand with this knowledge and together Marty and Sue set up a factory that made carbon fibre fishing rods and supplied them to the world. It started off as just blanks and then progressed into the legendary CD rods which are still sold around the globe today. Somewhere along this journey of making and innovating fishing gear, they also made a couple of boys. As I am sure you can imagine, they were both born with a rod in their hands (a fishing rod!) and were brought into the business at an early age. Fortunately, Sue kept a tight rein on these boys and made sure a bit of schoolwork was done between outdoor adventures and working in the factory. Both boys were in and out over the years and built careers away from CD until Tom stumped up and brought into business, after an international engineering career was just not scratching the itch. That itch was about taking fishing rod design to the next level. A keen fisho and adventurer himself, Tom worked closely with Marty, family and friends (even a rocket scientist thrown into the mix) to develop the ALLROD case and rod systems. This development stemmed from the simple frustration of how long it took to access his fly rod components and how difficult it was to safely travel with his fishing gear. In 2017, TRYCD was born and the 3 year journey of testing and developing the ALLROD, ALLFLY and ALLSALT systems began. This truly unique group of products has had thousands of hours testing around the globe. The ALLSALT was put through its paces with the likes of aggressive kingfish in the far north of New Zealand to giant Jack trevally in Florida, USA. The ALLFLY has been fished on most of the major rivers in NZ and as far a field as the snake river in the USA. All this while, Tom takes the ALLROD case on every plane trip he goes on, just in case there is time to slip away for a fish.


We are all about it. Without it, we have nothing and cannot enjoy the activities we love. TRYCD is doing what it can to reduce waste and protect our environment, you won’t see any unnecessary plastic or waste and we make things right the first time. We have even incorporated recycled products in the manufacturing process where we can. 

CD as a company are also proud gold supporters of LEGASEA, a group that is doing great things to protect our fisheries in NZ.

For more information go to https://legasea.co.nz/.